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  • CP1013DII


    $8.00 $5.00

      From the very first tap on the soft-touch keys, you instantly feel the ergonomic design that is built into the CP1013DII. CP1013DII is loaded with versatile features to perform almost any type ...

  • MP21DX


    $8.00 $5.00

      Combine innovative styling with powerful performance and what do you get? The MP21DX, Canon two-color desktop printing calculator. Quick and quiet, this printing calculator provides crisp, prof ...

  • Ei-5500


    $10.00 $7.00

    The Ei-5500 is the ideal desktop printing calculator to control your business or home finances. The compact size allows the Ei-5500 to fit on your desktop without taking up too much space. But do let ...

  • P23-DHV G

    P23-DHV G

    $110.00 $90.00

    Simplicity, portability and convenience – wherever you go. The Canon P23-DHV-G delivers high-performance and quality together in an environmentally-friendly package. The P23-HDV-G features a low ...

  • P1-DHV G

    P1-DHV G

    $100.00 $70.00

    Environmentally-friendly, the P1-DHV-G performs advanced calculations – in the palm of your hand. Showcasing a stylish, polished white design and 12-digit LCD display, the P1-DHV-G features a lo ...

  • imageFORMULA DR-3010C

    imageFORMULA DR-3010C

    $8.00 $5.00

    The imageFORMULA DR-3010C compact workgroup scanner combines many features from Canon?s other scanner lines, along with some new features, to deliver the best to the workgroup segment. Scanning up to ...

  • imageFORMULA DR-2580C

    imageFORMULA DR-2580C

    $8.00 $5.00

    The DR-2580C is a practical solution for document capture needs. Though light-weight and portable, the DR-2580C effectively incorporates high-end processing capabilities to enhance productivity in any ...

  • imageFORMULA DR-2510C

    imageFORMULA DR-2510C

    $8.00 $5.00

      The imageFORMULA DR-2510M scanner is a simple solution for document capture needs in Mac computer environments. With broad compatibility, high image quality, and fast scanning speeds, all in a ...

  • CanoScan 8800F

    CanoScan 8800F

    $10.00 $7.00

      Sleek and fast, this powerful scanner will impress you the very first time you push power. With high-luminance white LED lamps it ready to scan immediately, with no warm-up time needed. You all ...

  • CanoScan LiDE 700F

    CanoScan LiDE 700F

    $10.00 $7.00

    Become familiar with high-quality and high-speed scanning for documents, prints and 35mm film with the CanoScan LiDE 700F. With a scanner this compact and stylish, its powerful maximum resolution of 9 ...

  • CanoScan LiDE 100

    CanoScan LiDE 100

    $10.00 $7.00

      Canon has a well-known and highly-regarded reputation for optical excellence, advanced image processing, superb performance and technological innovation, built on our legendary photographic and ...

  • RE-455X


    $770.00 $749.00

    Around the world, Canon products are synonymous with optical excellence, advanced image processing, and superb performance. And Canon projectors are no exception. The Canon RE-455X video visualizer co ...